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MOVEMBER UPDATE: Jacko's BatMo Rises

BATMAN has risen... and popped up on the lip of Nottingham Rugby star David 'Jacko' Jackson.

BatMo JackoWith a KAPOW and the handy work of Ash Moore at Mario's Barber Shop, the most striking of moustaches got its wings, a little tail and some serious MoBro points for effort.


Audacious facial hair is nothing new to Jackson, having taken part in Movember for the past four years.

But his latest attempt trumps even the cat tail he sported last year.

"The intricacy of the work that Ash did is like nothing I've ever attempted before," a proud Jackson said.

BatMo Ash MooreJackson is doing his utmost to convince anyone who will listen that the success of his Mo is proof of his superhuman qualities… even if his light brown, ginger beard needed to be dyed black.

The barber did, however, need to upgrade his clipper after Jacko's 'initial phase of beard growth' was too much to contend with.

"I'm not saying that I'm Batman, but we have never been seen in the same room together," Jackson said.

"The fact that the first clipper couldn't do the job is proof that my hair follicles have super capabilities. Now I wear the facial hair as a beckon of safety for the people of Nottingham."

Click here to go to Jacko's Movember collection page.


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