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Nottingham Rugby in the Community joins forces with Lusum

NOTTINGHAM Rugby in the Community is proud to announce a new equipment partnership with Lusum.

Lusum balls

JUST PLAY: The striking pink Lusum balls will be used across Nottinghamshire.

With a batch of new Lusum pink rugby balls being supplied to the Community Team, the equipment is sure to get a thorough test as thousands of youngsters from across Nottinghamshire get their hands them.

Green and Whites First Team and Community manager Steve Smith said: "It's great to be trialling some of the balls from Lusum and I am sure we will be developing this partnership in the future. 

"They obviously have taken a lot of time and effort in designing a high quality, very visible and fun product and we look forward to getting these to our kids through schools and various camps that we work with."

About Lusum

Lusum started off as a small idea amongst a small group of sports lovers in rural Oxfordshire.

The aim was to create the best balls possible without charging hugely inflated prices - so the best balls can be available for anyone to use, from school kids to professionals.

Not entering into any major sponsorship deals is part of Lusum's ethos. Paying out hundreds of thousands a year to big clubs and organisations means the cost would invariably passed on through higher ball prices, so we have decided not to do this.

Instead, we have used our resources to put the most research and the best quality materials into making the ball. Using a distinctive pink colour - as one which can be seen in your peripheral vision better than a standard ball. We have also done aerodynamic testing and perfected the flight of the elite ball so the kicking performance is the best it can be.

We have created three different balls - our training ball the Munifex, the Optio match ball and the best of the best - the elite match ball, Aquilifer.

We know we have created the best balls for the best possible prices - so everyone can just play.

Information about Lusum can be found at and balls from their retailer can be found at



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