After another busy week, we have announced the final 16 re-signings for the club!

We are extremely delighted to have all of these players for another season here at The Bay!

Jordan Olowofela – 2nd season
Ryan Olowofela – 2nd season
Josh Goodwin – 3rd season
Marcus Ramage – 2nd season
Michael Green – 2nd season
Michael Stronge – 4th season
Scott Hall – 4th season
Xavier Valentine – 2nd season
Sam Hollingsworth – 4th season
Morgan Bunting – 3rd season
James Cherry – 3rd season
Javiah Pohe – 4th season
George Cox – 9th season
David Williams – 8th season
Nathan Tweedy – 3rd season
Josh Poullet – 10th season

Next up, new signings…