With Nottingham Rugby hosting jersey Reds this Friday 4th, the club are delighted to welcome the 3 Pillars Project to the club in order to promote and boost awareness of their current operations and charity work.

So far the project has successfully targeted over 100 young men in the South-mids and Midlands area. With one of their original participants now being fully employed by the project post successful rehabilitation.

The 3 Pillars Project use a combination of mentoring and rugby as a gateway to engage some of the most difficult young people in prison and in the community who are vulnerable to crime; many with gang membership warnings or violent convictions. Rugby provides the gateway for more substantial trauma informed support and mentoring to young people in both prisons and the community. The 3Pillars approach offers long-term support to participants, with the aim of enabling individuals to make a positive contribution to society.

Their programme takes a group of 15 young people aged 15 – 25 over an 8week intervention and teaches them to play rugby. They develop teamwork communication and self control whilst being paired with workshops that address areas such as: regulation of emotions, family, relationships and goal setting. Participants also complete a coaching qualification where they learn to present in front of others.

Take a look at what the charity has been up to here: